www.houston-accountants.com is independent, dedicated and guarantee for tight security and for your organization data such as personal information, financial data, etc. We assure you to give a safe and secure environment to make your data safe and secure with the help of the latest applications. We give you services of online accounting data with the automatic back up to maintain the lost data. Our security system has some major priorities, some of them are given below:

The privacy policies of www.houston-accountants.com are created especially to give the top-class services to our clients. We have long listed information of our clients to give them our number of services and to make our service more effective.

We promise to make the topmost priority with our valuable clients. We always save the data with advanced tools to avoid unauthorized access.

User Information Collected for Security

If you are visiting our website and, we all are concerned about security and privacy. Whatever information we receive is only for communications purposes and product knowledge. This way makes the customer give more and more information which helps to select the best service for the client.  We usually ask for the below details:

Apart from these policies, we have some more policies which are for made for the satisfaction of the client.

Trust Policy

When the question comes to security to protect the data, it is a little different to secure data from unauthorized access. This is the only reason we always maintain a professional team of security with the new features to support the business and to secure our client’s data. We give you a high-level security server system with advance security tools which work as a trust between our clients and our organization.

Third-party service provider

We are a third-party service provider of all accounting and related services, we use advertisement as a promotion of our website. This can also be customer information but does not include email addresses, telephone numbers, financial details, and personal details. This is total all about enhancing the services for clients.

Disclaimer: Houston-accountants.com is an online and independent third-party service provider which works under the supervision of experts having massive experience. Images and content on the website are purely for the promotion of the website and service which we offer. It doesn’t resemblance in any manner. If there is any resemblance with anything it is a coincidence. While if we notice any resemblance we take appropriate action to rectify it.
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